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Clayhill Arts

After being awarded the Creative Pathways Bursary, Megan was based at Clayhill Arts from May 2019 until October 2019. This exhibition was held from 21st Sepetmber 2019 - 6th October 2019 and showcased the range of work she had created during her residency at Clayhill Arts along with work by fellow artists Emma Housley and Pennie Elfick.

September 2019

Hot '17

This body of work was formed for Megan's Fine Art Degree Show at Plymouth University. The work shown explores different perspectives of the earth and senses of temporality. Loose pieces of canvas were taken on her travels to the sea and the hills. Through being exposed to the outside elements, the works embed abstract atmospheres through a mixture of natural pigments and chemicals. The paintings depict ambiguous spaces that represent aerial views or matter seen under a microscope.

July 2017

Studio 55

Displayed at the Barbian, Plymouth, this triptych depicts an abstract representation of an ocean and universe merging. The thick layers of paint and texture including sand, soil, and sawdust, creates a physical temporality. The intent for this painting to slowly lose elements overtime, reflects the ephemeral nature of earth and life.

May 2016

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